Key Features of Our Medico Legal Case Management Software for Admin Agencies

What is Medico Legal Case Management System?

Medico legal experts have many daunting tasks to manage, such as managing appointments, creating medico-legal reports, and meeting deadlines. However, all this can be made simple with competent case management software which will help you deliver your work on time.

Medico legal case management system is a comprehensive solution created to facilitate medico legal experts, MROs and admin agencies. It is a web-based solution to assist with communication, data transfer, appointment management and data storage with increased productivity and streamlined processes. Case management software helps you eliminate paperwork and provides a platform where your daily functions can be easily managed by automating the most time-consuming tasks.


How is Case Management System beneficial for Admin Agencies?

We provide a secure platform for effective and seamless communication and management, helping admin agencies improve their workflow with our case management software for admin agencies. It is designed to take the work of admin agencies. It is a comprehensive system to streamline the instruction flow from the referrers to medical experts. Our case management software aims to make the management of appointments and finances seamless for the admin staff. It facilitates the admin agencies to perform their day-to-day functions with higher work efficiency and accuracy. This case management software can quickly adapt to your business processes and automate tasks to let you stay focused on your more important tasks.

Case management software is a very convenient substitute for manual functions, which offers numerous benefits such as:

  • Easy access from anywhere
  • Compatible with any device having internet access
  • Web-based software to make workflow easy and secure
  • Integration with online payment
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Make communication and appointment scheduling easy
  • Keep documents secure
  • Complete control over your schedule

Features of Case Management Software for Admin Agencies

  1. Dedicated Referrer Portal

The case management software enables admin agencies to manage the referrer portal and facilitates the search for available slots. Furthermore, it allows the secure transfer of instructions for medico reports and rehabilitation services. We understand that managing payments is the most arduous task, therefore, our case management software allows seamless online payment and also enables keeping track of all the payments. This software is created keeping all the tasks of admin agencies in view; therefore, it makes all your tasks easier. It allows you to reschedule, hold or cancel instructions at any time.

  1. Medical Expert Portal

Our dedicated medical expert portal enables seamless correspondence between medical experts and admin agencies. In addition, it allows medical experts to share information regarding the availability of medical experts, including clinic details and claimant lists. Another essential feature of the medical expert portal is that it helps you receive instructions regarding medico-legal cases. Furthermore, it enables medical experts to generate a medical report, addendum and P35s reports within a few minutes. And also have the feature of automated DNA notifications.

  1. Patient Portal

The patient portal of the case management software facilitates patients by sending automated appointment emails along with clinic and portal login details. It also provides prefilled medical history and accident details of patients, including the details of treatment received. Furthermore, it also offers detailed impacts of the accident on patients’ social, domestic and work life. It enables a digital signature on the consent and statement of truth form within the patient portal.

  1. Intuitive Administrator Agency Portal

The intuitive administrator agency portal enables seamless tracking of all past and upcoming appointments. You can also track the status of the report and the pending and paid invoices. In addition, it enables automated correspondence and SMS alerts of crucial flow points. Moreover, you can also view essential business stats regarding instructors and medical experts.

  1. Add On Link With Any Third-Party Accounting System

We understand the needs of our clients; therefore, our case management software enables easy integration with any third-party accounting software according to the client’s preference. It allows you to move to lead cloud-based accounting software such as Xero to help you further strengthen your accounting.

  1. Add On Online Payment Processing

Our software also allows integration with an online payment gateway for faster and easier transactions.

All medico legal experts strive for effective task management to meet all deadlines. Our Medico-legal case management system is ideal for medico-legal experts, MROs and admin agencies. This management system makes reporting, correspondence and monitoring each stage easier than ever before.

Our case management software is the choice of hundreds of medico legal experts. It offers the most flexible, comprehensive and intuitive solution which meets all your medico-legal needs. If you want to increase your work efficiency and speed drastically, get our medico-legal case management software, which is recognised as the best in the industry.