How is the Case Management System helpful for MROs?



Medical-legal reports are prepared by Medical Reporting Organizations (MRO) based on medical-legal investigations by law enforcement authorities. Understanding and writing medical-legal reports can be a hassle, but not anymore, Case Management System plays a vital role for MRO, it reduces work of hours to few minutes.

Case Management System helps in preparing a report for civil litigation. It manages and optimizes day to day operations of MRO. Case Management Software allows you to add clinics, medical-legal experts, and also provides a link to the solicitors or referrers. It informs you regarding clinic location, timing, and details, and gives liberty to get an appointment from home.

How does Case Management System work?

The medico legal case management system provides automation from the first step of entering required information till the final submission of the report. It saves your precious time and the whole procedure takes just a few minutes, which would take hours to complete manually.

The medico legal case management system allows its users to choose from pre-defined options on each step, it uses the information you entered and creates personalized reports.


Case Management System Software:


Provides Report Draft:


Writing detailed medical-legal reports require effort of hours, a medico legal case management system makes it easier for you. It provides a draft to create a comprehensive report acceptable for litigation procedure. It provides a draft to add details and helps you create a report just within few minutes and saves you from stress of paperwork.

Manages List of Experts:

Legal case management software also maintains a complete profile for the experts including monthly validation checks and experts availability status. It informs you timely regarding the unavailability of the expert that either legal expert is temporary unavailable, or permanently suspended so you don’t have to face any kind of delay or problem.


Solicitor's Details:


It provides you with a list of solicitors along with their details, to make a connection with solicitors easier for you.


The notification setting allows sending notifications like DNA notification, appointment scheduling for patient/solicitor, reschedule notification and report availability, which never lets you miss any progress or important date.

Clinic Details:


It manages the location, dates, and time of hundreds of clinics along with their working hours.

Claimant's Records:


Legal case management software manages the claimant’s profile and keeps a record of all the appointments, documents, keeps their history, and generates correspondence. Medico legal case management system keeps uploaded documents safe for future use.

Pros of Using Case Management System for MRO:

1- Paperless Work:


Using medico legal case management software saves you from the arduous task of paper filling, provides you online draft and creates a perfect and reliable report within few minutes.

2- Information Management:


Case management software manages a list of hundreds of clinics, experts, and solicitors’ data and provides you easy access to the information, and also manages your invoice records.

3- Online appointment:

Legal case management software enables you to get online appointments of any legal-expert from the list on a specific date. List of their working hours and details are given on case management system to facilitate you.



4- Report Progress Status:


Medico legal case management system manages data of all the reports and information regarding progress and summary of the medical-legal report.

5- Better Coordination:

Legal case management software provides all the information in one place whether it is regarding the expert’s list, solicitor’s list or any document shared, which improves coordination and you don’t have to waste hours looking for any information, which makes contact easier for you.


6- Reduces effort and saves time:

Managing all the deadlines is an arduous task for medical-legal professionals, medico legal case management software integrates and manages it, which helps you develop a number of reports in a day.



To create a good report having time for research and preparation is very important which you can not have with this tiring task of report making. Case management software saves your time and effort so you can focus on the important part and creates a reliable and good quality report in less time. Saving all the important documents online keeps confidential information safe and easily accessible. Medico legal case management system understands the unique requirements and complexities of each case and creates personalized reports in no time. Medical experts have can manage multiple reports in a day due to case management software which also integrates using similar cases and reduces your further efforts.

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